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Replacement Timber Windows and Doors: Melbourne

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Replacement in Aluminium or Timber ?

Unsure of whether your replacement windows and doors should be aluminium or timber?
We can advise you of the best solution for your replacement windows and doors requirements! 

Design, Manufacture & Installation

Replacement Aluminium Windows and Doors

The corners of our aluminium joinery are mechanically fixed for maximum strength and rigidity, sealed to prevent water penetration and fastened in place with high grade stainless screws.

Manufacturing Process: Our aluminium windows are manufactured to the requirements of Australian Standard AS2047-1999 and AS2047-2001.

Glazing: Our factory and on site Glazing processes conform to Australian Standard AS1288-2006.

Section: We provide the AMP aluminium section for our windows and doors. Our 55mm frame ensures added strength.

Reveals: Internal liners which are positioned around the inside of an aluminium window. We can provide superior quality Kiln Dried Hardwood for our reveals.

Surface Finish: An extensive range of powder coat colours are available. Please request to see our colour chart. Standard colours no additional cost. All other colours can be developed to meet your requirements.


Period Doors

(clockwise starting from right)
Timber period double hung window with sidelites and cricket bats,
timber double hung with colonial base,
colonial sliding aluminium window and
sliding aluminium door.


Replacement Timber Windows and Doors

We only provide superior quality timber for our custom made windows which are manufactured from Kiln-Dried Hardwood or Western Red Cedar with a merbau sill.

Manufacturing processes: Our timber windows are manufactured to the requirements of Australian Standard AS2047.

Glazing: Our factory and on site Glazing processes conform to Australian Standard AS1288-2006.

Sashes: All of our timber sashes incorporate morticed and tenoned joins.

KD Hardwood Superiority

We recommend our superior quality timber - KD Hardwood (Kiln Dried Hardwood) over other imported materials for both its strength and durability .

Our Standard Section: Styles - 33mm  (42mm available on request)

KD Hardwood is less likely to be damaged or dinged than other softer timber thereby prolonging its life and appearance. It can be stained or painted with minimal fuss as it is far less porous than other timbers. Its sheer durability will outlast most timber significantly making it a perfect replacement product.

    The Merbau Sill Advantage

Standard Section: Merbau Sill 165mm.

Merbau is without doubt the most outstanding water resistant timber. Therefore it is the ideal timber for the sill (where any water will sit) on your replacement timber window.

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