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Aluminium Stacker Doors

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Our Aluminium Stacker Doors are Australian made to Australian standards.

The convenience of the modern design Stacker door literally opens up your internal environment to the outdoors. Providing a maximum door opening allowing uninhibited views, stacker doors are ideal for entertaining opening up your home to your garden, patio, terrace or balcony.

Our stacker doors are easy to operate with two doors sliding neatly and smoothly stacking in front of a fixed door providing an abundance of light and ventilation.
Popular for balcony enclosures, they are preferable over Bi-fold and French doors in areas of limited space and there is also no risk of sliding stacker doors slamming shut in gusty winds.

Customised features exclusively for our:
aluminium stacker door replacements
  • Strong aluminium frame for durability
  • 55mm frame for maximum viewing
  • Fully weather sealed preventing draughts, dust and rain intrusion
  • Slides effortlessly
  • Keyed security locks for peace of mind, keyed alike for your convenience
  • Custom designed to your aesthetic and functional requirements
  • Manufactured to size to ensure tailored fitting
  • In vogue standard colours with a durable protective finish that resist fading and chalking

Optional features

  • Speciality glazing options for energy efficiency & noise reduction
  • Obscure glass for areas where privacy is paramount
  • Slimline latch available
  • A variety of door style configurations
  • Easy coupling with other window units
  • An extensive offering of powder coated colors each with a durable protective finish that resist fading and chalking
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