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Timber Raked & Hooded Windows

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Our Timber Raked and Hooded Windows are Australian made to Australian standards.

Hooded and raked windows extend the skyline adding extra appeal and a more modern look to your facade. They are extremely popular for providing extra light and the perception of added space.

Our in-house design experts can customise an existing model to your specifications.

From atrium, raked to hooded windows, including structural alterations, we can do it all! With 40 years of experience we have the expertise to advise on design, structural alterations and the most complimentary joinery for your needs.

Customised features exclusively for our:
timber raked and hooded window replacements
  • KD Hardwood (Vic Ash) Frame for strength and durability
  • Merbau Sill for the most outstanding water resistant timber where it’s needed most
  • Fully weather sealed preventing draughts, dust and rain intrusion
  • Custom designed to your aesthetic and functional requirements
  • Manufactured to size to ensure tailored fitting

Optional features

  • Speciality glazing options for energy efficiency & noise reduction
  • Prime painting
  • A variety of window style configurations
  • Easy coupling with other window or door units
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