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Does Window Replacement include installation of windows and doors / and what does a door or window replacement involve?

Yes. “The Door & Window Exchange” design, manufacture and install commercial and domestic custom built aluminium and timber windows and doors that will transform your home or commercial premises. Our Replacement Services are installed by qualified tradesmen and include the professional removal of existing windows & doors replaced with installation of quality custom built windows and doors. We also remove the rubbish from your premises ensuring you a complete replacement job.

Who and where do you service?

Here at “The Door & Window Exchange” we service:
RESIDENTIAL: homes, apartments, flats, units and townhouses and
COMMERCIAL: shopfronts, flats, restaurants and industrial factories.
We service the majority of the Melbourne metropolitan area and the Mornington Peninsula.

See our replacement suburb page on our website to find out whether we service your suburb.

Are “The Door & Window Exchange” experts in replacements?

Yes. With 40 years of professional experience specialising in the replacement of windows & doors in Melbourne we provide expert advise on design, glazing solutions for noise reduction and energy efficiency, structural alterations and the most complimentary joinery for your individual requirements. Our qualified tradesmen have chosen professionally to specialise everyday specifically in window and door replacements to ensure you a quality replacement with workmanship of the highest standard.

Are the replacement jobs guaranteed and can you provide structural alterations?

Yes. At “The Door & Window Exchange” we provide a comprehensive 15 year Guarantee for quality assurance of materials & workmanship. Our qualified team of experts can provide advice & application of structural alterations including knocking out walls, increasing your window size and installing support beams & lintels where required. Ask us for the best design & implementation for your window replacement project and get the results you require long term from the experts.

What styles of windows do “The Door & Window Exchange” offer?

We manufacture custom built Replacement Windows in Timber or Aluminium frames in either domestic or commercial section including: Sliding, Awning, Casement, Double Hung, Single Hung,Bay, Garden, Hooded, Bi Fold, Fixed, Raked, Sash, Architecturally Designed, Sashless, Frameless, Silicone Joined, Commercial Louvres, Shop Front and Stairwell Windows. Our Replacement Windows Styles include Contemporary, Federation, Period, Traditional, Heritage, Colonial, Victorian and Edwardian.

What styles of doors do “The Door & Window Exchange” offer?

We manufacture custom built Replacement Doors in Timber or Aluminium frames. Our replacement service specialises in external doors including: Sliding doors, Stacker doors, Bi fold doors and French doors which are all suitable for patio door replacements, balcony enclosures and garage conversions in residences. We also replace commercial Shopfront doors & commercial Entry doors for flats & apartment blocks and Factory Doors in Industrial areas.

Are your windows and doors built with Aluminium or Timber frames?

“The Door & Window Exchange” windows & doors are built from either aluminium or kiln dried hardwood (KDHW) Victorian Ash frames with merbau sills. Our timber windows can be primed before glazing & installation ready for painting. Our aluminium windows and doors have a range of powder coated colours available. All of our replacement windows & doors are manufactured to the stringent requirements of current Australian Standards.

What is the advantage of a merbau sill in timber framed windows and doors?

At “The Door & Window Exchange” we use merbau, the highest quality timber for sills on all of our timber windows and doors. We use Merbau for our sills because it is without doubt the most outstanding water resistant timber. Therefore it is the ideal superior timber for the sill, which is where any water will sit on your replacement timber window or door. The merbau sill advantage will ensure your sill out lasts all the other sills manufactured with inferior timbers.

Can I replace a window with a door and can somebody come out to our home for a quotation?

Yes. Our professional installers can replace windows with sliding door combinations, stacker doors, French doors, bi-fold doors and door and window combinations.

Yes we come to you for your quotation. At the “The Door & Window Exchange” we provide free no obligation quotations in Melbourne metropolitan and the Mornington Peninsula.

Simply call 1800 880 071 to arrange for a suitable appointment time to suit your schedule.

What does Exchange mean in “The Door & Window Exchange”?

Quite simply that we exchange and replace old existing windows for new custom built windows. Here at “The Door & Window Exchange” we do full replacement jobs for existing windows and doors. We design, manufacture and install custom built windows and doors. With 40 years experience call the experts on 1800 880 071 for Melbourne & 61+) 35988 4838 for Mornington Peninsula to arrange an onsite quotation.

Our Product
Replacement Doors

Aluminium Doors

  • Sliding Doors
  • Stacker Doors
  • Bi-fold Doors
  • French Doors

Timber Doors

  • Sliding Doors
  • Stacker Doors
  • Bi-fold Doors
  • French Doors
Replacement Windows

Aluminium Windows

  • Awning Windows
  • Sliding Windows & Fixed Windows
  • Bay Windows, Garden & Hooded Windows
  • Bi-fold Windows and Stacker Windows
  • Sashless & Double Hung Windows

Timber Windows

  • Awning Windows & Casement Windows
  • Sliding Windows & Fixed Windows
  • Raked and Hooded Windows
  • Bay Windows
  • Sashless and Double Hung Windows
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Replacement Windows
Commercial, Domestic & Residential

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